Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting Real

I had a long week. Big corporate presentations, the usual responsibilities of running a yoga studio and keeping the lights on, massive amounts of Kung Fu Body layout work (there's a workout this week with an INSANE 34 separate photos, and... ta da... videos!

So I rewarded myself by starting a new RPG on the Xbox last night. You play this character who has to walk the vast wastelands of post-apocalyptic Washington DC. Cool game, but you literally have to walk your ass for minute after minute through this dead sad landscape to get to the small towns of survivors scattered around.

I put in a good 12 hours of work today and was going to play some more of my new game, when I thought about how ridiculous it was that after a whole day sitting in front of a computer I was going to sit in front of a game system and watch my character walk across a digital landscape.

So I grabbed Kazue and we went for an analog walk, all the way across town. Got some frozen yogurt and came back. Yokohama by night is one of the most beautiful places. This picture doesn't even come close.


  1. The videos are a great idea. I specially want to see you jump-kicking!!

  2. One day you can show your grand-kids that you were a kung-fu master...."Back in my day we had something called YouTube."