Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bouncing Off the Walls!

I've got so much elastic energy these days. Walking down the street I want to jump on ledges and throw out quick punches and kicks at all the targets that present themselves... parking meters, low hanging leaves, pedestrians...

I like how all the strength we're gaining is tied directly to movement. No muscle is built just for the sake of having it. It all goes into doing something. So it makes sense that my body doesn't know to turn off that impulse when training time is over. I'm bouncing off the walls here! This is on top of 20 hours of yoga instruction a week and all the PCP stuff too.

A well nourished well rested body has almost limitless stores of energy. If you're feeling sluggish and slow and always on empty know that this feeling is NOT just a "part of life."

Start moving and the body will keep moving. It works everytime!

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