Monday, July 19, 2010


Anyone else have days where your flexibility levels just plummet?

It happens to me sometimes. I'll suddenly lose 50% of my range of motion in my legs. The day before I'll have my chin down on my knee with no problem and the next day I can't touch my toes. Or when I was doing overhead crescent kicks on Tuesday and Thursday I can barely manage chest high.

I call these my "Lockdown" days. Something in my nervous system is putting the breaks on everything. I used to get really frustrated with them, but now I just roll with it and do my best with the limited movements.
I still haven't pinpointed what brings on the Lockdown. This is my list of culprits.

1. Fatigue. Usually I'll get a lockdown day 2 or 3 days after a big physical day, for example a 12 hour yoga/training day on the weekends when my private lessons all get booked up. I don't know why it's 2 or 3 days later that the lockdown happens and not the day after.

2. Poor sleep. This seems to coincide at times and other times it doesn't.

3. Stress levels. Invariably, my flexibility deceases inversely to my stress levels.

Today I had a bit of all three going on, and I was in BAAAAD shape. I felt like a total beginner. Which is good sometimes.

The interesting thing is that I bet everyone has these off flexibility days, it's just that so few people actually take their bodies to the edges of its range of motion that they don't even notice it. Come on people! You've got this awesome body, don't you want to take it for a spin around the block sometime?

Anyway, off to work on the cure for Lockdown. Legs up the wall for 30 mins!

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